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Dilyn Halverson - View Collection

Dilyn Halverson is a Chicago-based artist, pursuing a BA in Illustration. In their work, they enjoy exploring the connections between fashion, music, and art. Their art pulls references from mid century illustration and indie art scenes, and focuses on queer narratives.

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Samantha Caballero - View Collection

Samantha Caballero aka “VirtualFlesh” is a Detroit-based illustrator and graphic designer. Her work explores the melded world of juxtaposition, girlhood and digital landscapes to bring life to strange thoughts and abstract visuals.

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Riley Lauren Lynch - View Collection

Riley Lauren Lynch is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist, focusing primarily on illustrative and representational textile work. With a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2022), throughout school their body of work has revolved around themes of belonging, identity and excess. Throughout various mediums, Riley pursues intricate details and places a contemporary twist on traditional technique.

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Frankie Reed - View Collection

Frankie Reed is a graphic designer/illustrator who puts their personality into their work. They strives to adapt their style to their client’s needs. You can check them out on instagram or their website.

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